In the Clouds

Yesterday, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, a summer storm produced this unusual cloud formation. It got me thinking about Revelation 1:5-7, which says:

“Glory and strength to Christ, who loves us, who blood-washed our sins from our lives, Who made us a Kingdom, Priests for his Father, forever—and yes, he’s on his way! Riding the clouds, he’ll be seen by every eye, those who mocked and killed him will see him, People from all nations and all times will tear their clothes in lament. Oh, Yes.” (The Message)

I have no doubt that when Jesus comes again, He will ride a very unusual cloud formation and He’ll be seen by every eye, just as yesterday’s strange clouds were probably seen by everyone who was in Regina at the time.

Prepare the way the way for our Redeemer.
Prepare the way for our Restorer.

Make ready your heart. Make ready your home.
Make ready, you people of God. Prepare the way.

Make no mistake. Jesus IS coming back.


I can’t wait!


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2 responses to “In the Clouds

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I love clouds, and this is the most amazing photo of them that I’ve ever seen. The heavens declare the glory of God.

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