Empty Places

Book Review: 'The Last Empty Places' - WSJ

We took a road trip a few years ago and the route we chose went through miles and miles of desert. It was hot and boring and, well, empty. We looked around at the desolate landscape and there was no sound, no movement, no life at all, and aside from the odd small town, that’s how it appeared. We shook our heads and wondered who would ever want to live there. At one point, we stopped at a rundown gas station to venture in and see if they had something cold to drink. Much to our surprise, there was a rather well-outfitted convenience store inside, along with a little gift shop displaying local arts and crafts. The owners were so welcoming, and they entertained us with a short history of the area. That encounter became one of the highlights of our trip. So much for empty places.

Here’s my point, and I’ll make it short.

Sometimes we need to spend some time in the seemingly empty places and travel there for a while. Then, when we stop and wait, Jesus is there to tell us about the next thing: That great idea. That person who needs us or the one we need. That song to lift us up. That new job or relationship or place.

Don’t despair in the empty places, because even though it feels like you’re wandering in the wilderness, Jesus is there. And He’s had some experience with wilderness wandering. He’s got stuff to show you and it’s pretty awesome!

In Hebrews 13:5 Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Not even in the empty places.

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