Is it really Friday?

This has seemed like such a long week and I am asking myself if it is really – finally – Friday. Yes!

This week has been a hard one – not so much from a work perspective, but more from a learning perspective. And I’m not sure that I’ve passed the test yet.

God is pushing me out of my comfort zone and it’s really not very comfortable. I am being stretched beyond the point where I’ve ever been stretched before. There is effort involved. And pain.

I could choose to ignore the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) urgings of the Holy Spirit. It would be a lot easier. But as we discussed at home group on Wednesday night, staying in your comfort zone is a form of compromise, and I really, really don’t like compromise.

So I will stay the course.

I am so glad that I don’t have to do it alone. Thanks, God!

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  1. Hmmm,it seems I am hearing this from a few people lately, including myself. He is raising his bride. I don’t always enjoying the stretching, but I can say, most of the time I do love the sense of growing that I can feel deep within me if I quiet myself enough. You know that bitter sweet kind of love. Prayin for you. Enjoy your weekend.

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