Random things on Sunday night

These are the random things going through my mind as I think about going to bed tonight:

1. Seth preached an awesome sermon this morning! Check out the church website at www.lighthouseoffaith.ca later in the week and you’ll be able to download it and listen for yourself.
2. I found out something interesting about Clara Rose Bosworth – she loves to cook!
3. Don’t you just love the smell of spring after the rain stops? We had that today.
4. I am so looking forward to a day off on Tuesday. Thanks for coming home, Tess.
5. What is more precious than two grandsons cuddling with you and saying “I love you, Namma”.
6. Julie looks really, REALLY good in pink. Who knew, Tinkerbell?
7. Wow – I just counted the books in my “to read” pile and you don’t want to know.
8. I am a child of the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords – and I have a right to all the power of His name! Thank God for the Blood of Jesus.

Time to sleep. G’night!

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  1. m

    How I long to smell some springtime rain! We’re currently receiving a dumping of very real wintertime snow. I would rather have the rain!

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