Bring it on, Puss-head!

This was a draining day. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically, even.

Without going through a laundry list of details, I’ll just say that enough went on to make me think I’d better duck before the next round was fired. I really don’t like days like this.

I’ll admit the enemy got the better of me a couple of times, and it was hard to drag myself up after being knocked down. I didn’t have my ammunition ready.

Here’s the thing.

You have to recognize when the Accuser begins to put his tactics into play. For me, it was first thing this morning. He got to me when my guard was down – you know, the happy part of the day when everything is still a clean slate. I was in tears before I’d been awake an hour. Once he had me in that weakened state, he moved in with a few more jabs.


But the devil, he’s not so smart. He still hasn’t twigged on to the fact that he’s already been defeated. YAY! And he forgets that he has no authority in my life unless I give it to him. Stupid puss-head, as my Dad used to call him!

I should have seen the ploy for what it was right off the bat. I could have avoided a lot of pain. But I’m learning, sometimes more slowly than I would like, that Jesus is my all in all. He has given me power over the enemy and I just have to use it.

Bring it on, puss-head! I’m ready for you this time.

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  1. Way to go, Wendy, finding that inner strength when it feels like there isn't any left. Keep up the fight. You know you'll prevail.

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