Just another day in the bookstore

Where do these people come from?

Scene #1

Customer: Do you still have that book I was looking at last time I came in?
Me: (the customer doesn’t even look vaguely familiar to me) Which book was that?
Customer: I forget the title. You know the one – I was trying to decide on buying it.
Me: Sorry, I’m drawing a blank.
Customer: I was sure you would remember.
Me: When were you last in the store?
Customer: Oh, it’s been a few months. Maybe last fall.
Me: Well, we’ve had a lot of customers and books come and go since then.
Customer: Oh.

Scene #2

Customer: All your birthday cards have God or something in them.
Me: We ARE a Christian store.
Customer: Yeah, but you should sell some cards that don’t have God.
Me: There are lots of other stores that sell those.
Customer: Yeah, but I just live down the street.
Me: It’s nice you’re so close.
Customer: Well, it doesn’t help me now, does it?

Scene #3 – Telephone Customer

Customer: Hi. I’m calling from Ottawa. I saw your website.
Me: How can I help you?
Customer: I want to order a book.
Me: Okay. (We completed the ordering process.)
Customer: There are some other books I think you should carry.
Me: Oh?
Customer: Yes, I have a whole list. Do you have a few minutes?
Me: Are these books you want to order?
Customer: No. These are books I already own and I think everyone should read them.
Me: I see.
Customer: Do you have a paper and pen? I’m going to give you this list.
Me: Why don’t you email it to me?
Customer: This will just take a few minutes.
Me: I’m sorry, but I’m the only one working in the store today and it’s busy.
Customer: Oh.

I shake my head. Just another day in the bookstore.

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  1. I bet you see it all, Wendy. I bet you see it all.Thanks for sharing. You made me smile. I can just imagine how ridiculous some of the scenarios are that you encounter in your store.

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