Something is wrong . . .

I read a news article today that disturbed me.

Recently a public school district allowed the Gideons to display Bibles in some of their middle and high schools. Even though the Gideon evangelists were not allowed to interact with students, or even to be on the grounds during school hours, parents were in an uproar that the Bible – THE BIBLE – was being made available to their children.

The argument presented by the irate parents was this: the reason they chose a public school was so that they wouldn’t have to worry about religion being forced upon their children.

Come on.

There was no force here. No one made a pitch for the Bible, and no one was even present should a student have ventured to ask a question.

One mother stated that she was not an atheist – that she believed in God – but she felt that school was a place to learn, not a place to worship. She wanted the freedom to raise her children as she saw fit, without interference from religious groups.

What interference? A Bible on a table in the school office is interference?

Something is wrong . . .

Something is wrong when the very presence of a Bible in a public high school makes headline news. Negative headline news.

Something is wrong when parents, who say they believe in God, are offended and outraged that their children might have the opportunity to pick up a Bible and actually stumble upon the way to eternal life.

Something is wrong. Period.

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  1. yes, it is so sad. Our freedoms are being attacked, just a lot more quietly than in some other countries.

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