Influence is a powerful thing. Especially for a writer.

I would have to say that every character, every conversation, and every plot line I’ve ever written has been influenced in some way by a book I’ve read or a person I’ve met. I could almost say that my stories are a collection of snippets from my life.

I remember once, many years ago, my mother read something I wrote and asked me if I felt as rejected and unloved as the teenager in my story. At the time, I was quite upset that she would even ask me that question because nothing could be further from the truth. I did, however, have friends who were in that situation. And I had created a fictional character with pieces of the people and circumstances I knew.


We write from our life experiences. Good or bad. Happy or sad. We write with the deep emotions that come from our joys, hurts, anger, and peace. We write about what and who we love, about what keeps us enthralled, and about what makes us feel alive. All of those things, regardless of the source, will in some way find their way to the pages we write.

Kept in the proper context, influence can be a mighty tool in the hands of a writer.

Use it wisely.


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2 responses to “Influence

  1. Chris Jordan

    Hi Wendy – thanks for the great post! As a new writer working on my first fantasy novel (which I hope to finish the first draft of this summer, by the way!), I can definitely say that I agree with your thoughts in your post. My writing, characters and plot have all been influenced by things I’ve read, and real life experiences and encounters with people that I have had. I think it would be a neat study to do, to read someone’s fiction book and compare it to their life experiences, and see where there are parallels.
    Anyway, great to see a new post from you – keep writing!

    • Hey, Chris! Thanks for the comments. It would be an interesting study, for sure, to see where all the influences originate. I’m reading some “thinky” fiction lately and drawing a lot of spiritual parallels to a brilliant, but very non-Christian author. Who knows where that influence will end up. By the way, I’m waiting for your “Voyage” book!

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