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Waiting for Summer

Yesterday I decided it was time for summer. Not that my decision is the critical one here, but still. Enough of rain and cool temperatures and the uncharacteristic wind we’ve had in our part of the world lately.

You need to understand that I am not a hot weather person, so having the thermometer soar into the upper levels isn’t exactly what I am wishing for here. But some lovely evenings out on the deck would be nice. Leaving my jacket in the closet would be nice. Breaking out the capris and flip-flops would be nice. Actually turning off the furnace would be really nice.

But alas . . . I checked the forecast this morning and The Weather Network is sadly reporting highs of less than 18 degrees Celsius for the next two weeks. That’s 64 Fahrenheit for all of you who measure temperature that way.

So I’ve come up with a list of solutions, just in case summer bypasses us this year.

1. Surround the patio furniture on the deck with space heaters, put on your arctic jacket, and take an iced tea outside to enjoy for a few minutes before you get chilled to the bone.

2. Cover your backyard with a tarp raised high enough to play a game or two of badminton. You’ll have to keep the birdie low, but at least you won’t get wet.

3. Paint your windows blue, and don’t forget to put a big yellow sun in the middle. When you open the blinds, you’ll always have a sunny day.

4. Listen to The Beach Boys Endless Summer album full blast.

5. Invite your friends over for a pool party. Sit on the edge of the bathtub and dangle your feet in the water.

As I look outside at the gray sky and pouring rain, these suggestions don’t seem as ridiculous as you would think. But for today, I’ll just put on an extra sweater, dig out my thickest socks, and turn up the heat.



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