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What to Post When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

I haven’t posted anything for four days. Shame on me, I know, but I just can’t think of anything remotely profound or witty or thought-provoking.

Blank brain is no fun.

All that came to mind today were sounds. I heard a bunch of them that I didn’t like.

– Hammers pounding at a construction site down the street from my house.

– The neighbor rolling his trash cans up and down the sidewalk. And it isn’t even garbage pickup day.

– Crows hopping around and pecking at the cedar shingles on our roof. This is irritating, let me tell you.

– Annoying children in the back lane screaming at the top of their lungs for no apparent reason. They do this every summer.

– Static coming from the surround sound system attached to my computer.

Then there were the sounds I love:

– Thundering rumbling in the distance. This was a treat, because we hardly ever hear thunder around here.

– Giggles from my grandsons.

– Oldies playing in the bookstore when I went there for ink/paper/Starbucks aroma therapy.

– My husband’s voice saying, “hello, my love”, when I called him to say I was running away from home. I went to the bookstore instead.

– Birds chirping outside my window early this morning. Of course, this could also be a negative, because it woke me up.

This blog post is finished now. Come back again, and I promise to be more – I don’t know – something.




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