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The Scientist

This is my grandson, Reece. He’s five. And he chose to be a scientist for his kindergarten community helper day.

Now I ask you, why would a five-year-old want to be a scientist for community helper day? This has puzzled his mother and me all week. To our knowledge, Reece doesn’t know any scientists, nor has his teacher ever suggested that our community has one helping out somewhere.

Here’s my theory.

The kid has an imagination that goes far beyond what most would call normal limits. Really. This is the same child that claims he can teleport into his top bunk. He’s also drawn a treasure map with “X” marks the spot, fully convinced that there is truly a treasure buried there. Wherever that may be. I don’t think he even knows. Or maybe he does, and we’re just too grown up to see it. Oh, and he was muttering “shiver me timbers” during the creation of the map. So, if you really think about it, the whole scientist concept isn’t much of a stretch for him.

I love it.

This is imagination as it should be.

And I pray with all my heart that the teachers and adult influences Reece has in the years to come will be astute enough to allow his mind to soar. I pray that they teach him how to think and not what to think. He has a tremendous gift. He is destined to think things, to create things, to do things that no one else can. How completely wonderful is that!

By the way, the glasses are not real. The magnifying glass is.

Sort of.


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