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The Rain Cloud

In the land of I-don’t-know-when-I-am-going-to-find-the-time-to-finish-writing-this-book-before-the-deadline, one does not need a rain cloud to come along and throw yet another diversion into the mix. I mean it.

Maybe this kind of thing happens to all writers – those circumstances that do everything in their power to keep you away from your keyboard or notebook or whatever it is you use. I’m not talking about the self-induced distractions. You can control those. I’m referring to the unexpected ones that come up out of nowhere and hover. For days or weeks. Months, even.

Honestly, I am taking very deep breaths and weighing the consequences of whether or not to allow a particularly stormy rain cloud to blow its way my life. I could put a stop to it right here and now. I could stand my ground and, sort of like Shammah in the Bible (a sermon my Dad used to preach based on 2 Samuel 23:11-12), refuse to let the cloud overtake me. I could do that. Yes, I could. The fallout, however, would be unpleasant. Very unpleasant. Possibly for years to come.

Then again, I could open my doors to the rain cloud – let it come in and blow its way through my life. I could pretend to enjoy the fact that the cloud would suck up nearly every ounce of my spare time. I could accept that the cloud would demand things of me, and of my family, that none of us are capable of, prepared for, or qualified to do.

It’s a no-win situation.

But sometimes you just have to say no.



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The Rainy Thursday Checklist

Yesterday, they said it would be mostly sunny today. They lied.

This calls for the Rainy Thursday Checklist. If it’s not raining where you are, then call it the Sunny Thursday Checklist, or the Snowy Thursday Checklist, or whatever fits. Of course, if it’s already Friday where you are, then you’re on your own.

Here’s what you can do today:

1. Clean your hairbrush (mine is actually soaking in hot soapy water as I type this).

2. Bake cookies – really yummy, gooey ones.

3. Purge your computer files, including those emails from 2003 (yes, I have some).

4. Do your taxes (got mine ready to go to the accountant yesterday).

5. Write a paragraph that begins:  When I opened the door, I was faced with . . .

6. Learn the lyrics to a new song you like.

7. Read Psalm 91 in the Bible. The whole chapter. It’s a good one.

8. Call someone you haven’t seen for a while and make a coffee date.

9. Watch all the shows you have saved on your PVR.

10. Drop in at a florist shop and pick up a bouquet for someone you love.

You can add your own ideas to the list, but this should be enough to get you started. Your list will probably be very different if you’re at work today, but you still have an imagination to think up a really good one. The important thing to remember is that this day is yours. You make the choice as to how it will turn out.

Have a good one.

And don’t forget your umbrella.



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Thinking in the Rain

When you live in Canada on the west coast, you learn to live with rain from November until April. A lot of rain. I look outside and see little streams of water running down the road, puddles in potholes, and windshield wipers flapping on every car that drives by. Yeah, I know, it’s an exciting life I lead.

Today I am thinking in the rain.

Who is the lady with the bright pink umbrella who walks so slowly past my house every day at 10:30? Where is she going? Does she have a husband, children, friends? Is there something troubling her? Maybe she catches the bus to go to a job she despises, knowing that if she doesn’t work the bills don’t get paid. Perhaps she goes to visit a friend or to care for a loved one.

What about the couple next door who come and go numerous times a day in their beat-up Chevy van? Or the teenage boy who never wears a jacket.  Or the man with the limp who walks his dog.

These are the people I see when I sit at my desk, looking out the window. They don’t know I see them. They don’t know that I wonder what their story is. So I imagine stories for them, and some of them show up in the stories I write.

That’s what thinking in the rain does to me.

Weird, huh?


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