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How Do You See the World?

Everybody sees the world from a different perspective. But we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

If you are a happy and positive person, the world is a joyful place.  If you are a sad and negative person, the world is a place of despair. You can probably think of people in your life that fit both descriptions.

I read a story recently.

Two men, a paralytic and a man with a terrible lung disease, were confined to a hospital room.  Each day, the medical staff would help the man with the lung disease sit up for an hour so he could gaze out the window. He would describe what he saw to his paralyzed roommate whose bed was on the side of the room.

He’d talk about the children running and playing, a father walking with his child, a bluebird in a tree across the way. He saw how the wind moved the clouds, how the rain washed the sidewalks and roads clean, and two little boys playing catch.  His descriptions gave the paralyzed man a sense of hope and a will to live.

One day, the man with the lung disease died.  The paralyzed man asked to be moved close to the window so he could see what his roommate had seen. The nurses helped him to sit up, but the only view from the window was a wall.

Shocked, the paralyzed man told the nurses about the wonderful things his former roommate had described and about how those descriptions had given him hope.  The nurses were startled by this and told the paralyzed man something he didn’t know about his roommate.

“He was blind,” they said.

The point is, the world is largely in your mind.  It’s how you think, how you dream, that determines how you see and perceive things.  Life is not about waiting for storms to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

How do you see the world?

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It’s All About Perception

The picture above is actually chalk art on a sidewalk. The man dipping his toes in the water is real.

It’s all about perception.

I’ve been thinking about that. We seem to live our lives based on our perception of what we see, hear and experience. We can choose to interpret our experiences in any way we want to – we have the freedom to select any meaning for any experience instead of being a victim who must assign one and only one meaning to each experience.

Although we may think that it’s the experience that shapes us and determines who we are, that’s not really true. It is our interpretation of the experience. We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are. And when what we experience doesn’t conform to our beliefs and theories, we feel uncomfortable. Maybe even confused.

So . . .

Our perception – and subsequent reaction – to any experience makes all the difference.

That, my friends, opens a whole new world.



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The Perception of it All

This picture is one of my favorite optical illusions. Throws your perception off completely.

Perception is an interesting thing. It varies from visual perceptions, as in the picture, to thought perceptions and everything in between.

The other day, I was Skyping with my grandson Nikolas (the almost three year old). Although he and his little brother and parents live in the same city, we Skype most mornings just to say hi and make silly faces at each other. Love it! Anyway, on this particular morning, Nik persisted in asking his mom to “open the window in the computer” so he could touch me when he said I love you. He didn’t understand why this was not possible. Perception. Nik’s 14 month old brother Elijah tries too look around the corner of the computer to see me if I am out of webcam range. Perception. To those kids, there is no difference seeing me on the screen or having me there in person.

Life is all about perception, real or imagined. And as I said in yesterday’s post, the human mind does not know the difference between something that really happened or something you’ve vividly imagined. That’s why when we perceive something to be so, it is so, even though it may not be. Does that make sense?

Think about it. You have a certain way of doing things – like using the right click button on your mouse to find the options for copy and paste. Then someone (perhaps your know-it-all daughter) comes along and laughs at you because you are not using the CTRL functions for copy and paste. It’s been your perception that your way is the only way. And it’s really hard and awkward to change that perception. Or maybe you’ve asked your husband to pick up something for supper on his way home from work. He comes in with a Burger King bag. Your heart sinks, because you really wanted sushi. His perception of something is quite different than yours.

In the land of creativity, perception is key. Through words, music, dance, acting, painting, design, and all the arts, we are presenting our perceptions to those for whom we create. They are well received by some and criticized by others. It all depends on perception.

I don’t know if I’ve said what I wanted to say in this post.

I guess it’s in the perception of it all.

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