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This sign appeared on our front lawn today. Although the house has been officially sold for almost a week now, it takes a while for the message to filter through the various channels.

But now the fun begins. And as my mother just advised, “make sure you know where things are packed!” She moved a couple of months ago and is still looking for some things. I have taken her advice to heart.

Despite the upcoming purging and junking and selling and boxing, we are thrilled. We have purchased a beautiful home in a small community about 45 minutes from where we currently live, and it is the beginning of a long-time dream of ours to leave the big city. Our new home is on the side of a mountain with a breathtaking view of the valley and city below. I am already looking forward to warm summer evenings, sitting out on the deck with my diet Coke and enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

Will I miss the house we’ve sold? Absolutely. We’ve been here twelve years, longer than I’ve lived anywhere in my whole life. There are memories of graduations, weddings,  grandchildren, family gatherings, Bible studies, backyard barbecues, Christmases, and more. I am tucking those away in my mental photo album so they are never gone for good. And there will be new ones to add in the coming years.

We’re so excited about this new adventure God is taking us on! It’s more than just selling an old house and buying a new one. It’s establishing a whole new life.

Just proves that you’re never too old to reinvent yourself.


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Pack it Up

Today is packing day and all the books go back in the boxes. I have enlisted the help of two grandsons (ages 6 and 9) who have agreed to work for the reasonable rate of one large strawberry smoothie each. Yes, I will take advantage of child labour.

The last days of my bookstore sale went rather well and I am quite happy with the final results of my two-month return to the world of retail. I estimate that one third – maybe a little more – of my inventory was sold, which is pretty good for the short period of time I was back in business.

So what will I do with the leftovers?

Well, I just don’t know.

There were the usual vultures hovering around the store last week, hoping I would give them more than 75% off “because we’re in the ministry, you know”. And then they wondered if I could ship everything to them in San Diego free of charge. Um . . . I think they were a little put off at my chuckle of disbelief.  And there was also the lady who came in on the last day and was pretty ticked that I didn’t have another copy of the exact same Bible she had purchased from me three weeks ago because her son really likes it and she promised him one for Christmas and she didn’t want to go to the other Christian bookstore and pay full price. Yup, she was actually mad at me.

These are the people I will not miss. Not even a little.

But I was touched and honoured by the many who came in just to say goodbye, give me a hug, and tell me what a blessing it was to have my store in the neighbourhood. Those are the wonderful people who made it all worthwhile.

So now I’m off to sort, catalogue and pack.

I wonder how long it will take for the boys to demand payment.

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