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The Blog Idea List

Last night I actually made a list of blog post ideas. Can you believe it? Who does that?

The ideas were generally dumb and I probably won’t use many of them, but I felt compelled to make the list. Like I’m some sort of famous blogger that everyone wants to read and I actually have to plan what I am going to write. I think I’m going to rip that page out of my journal and go back to my usual blogging methodology. Don’t you just love that word? Methodology. The first time I heard it, I went to dictionary.com to see if was a real word because I was convinced that the person who used it had just made it up. If she did, it caught on well enough to gain entrance into the dictionary.

I digress.

My practice is to open the new post template and then stare at the screen, out the window, at my Blackberry, file my nails, nibble on some sunflower seeds until inspiration hits.  Sometimes it’s a quick one. Other times, I eventually wander off and forget about it. That’s why I thought the list might be a good idea. But it seems so – I don’t know – structured. Is a blog supposed to be structured? Are there rules to all of this? I sure hope not, because I suspect I haven’t followed any of them.

Never did like rules much. Ask my Mom. Or an old boss or two.

But I am open to suggestions. If you have some ideas that you think I can blog about, let me know. Just keep it reasonable, okay?

And I make no promises.


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