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The Juggling Act

My life suddenly got very busy. And I am learning to juggle a few more balls.

For the most part, it’s pretty good, but there are times when I want to claw at my hair and yell ARGH! Like pirates do. You know.

Yesterday was sort of one of those days. I was working at part time job #1 while trying to deal with some issues at part time job #2. I worked it out on my lunch hour, so all you time clock watchdogs can relax. I had some downtime in the afternoon during which my boss at part time job #1 said he was fine with it if I wanted to read a book or write a book or whatever. I had my manuscript-in-progress with me (I hardly ever go anywhere without it), so I decided to do a bit of editing. But the phone kept ringing and fax machine kept spitting out work from Missouri and I finally gave up. After all, I’m getting paid to work, right? Not to write a book. Yet.

I got home, answered a couple of emails from my boss at part time job #2, ate some watermelon (because I didn’t have the energy to cook and beloved husband is out of town anyway), and promptly dozed off on the couch with Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on TV in the background, if you can believe it. No one sleeps through that show. When I woke up twenty minutes later, Guy Fieri had disappeared so I got busy with the household duties which I strongly dislike, the bill-paying duties which I moderately dislike, talked to my Mom on the phone which I really like, and watched a live feed sermon on the internet which was pretty good.

End result: no writing done. That, my friends, is absolute frustration.

I’ve concluded that this will take some time.  I’m in the adjustment phase of becoming accustomed to a new normal. Whatever that is. I don’t think my life has been normal a long time now. And maybe it wasn’t even normal before that. I guess the question begs to be asked: have I ever been normal at all? Mom, you don’t have to answer that.

Today will be better because I’m leaving it in God’s hands. If I drop any of those balls, He will be right there to pick them up.

Is there any other way?


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