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The New Year’s Resolution Hoax

Welcome 2013!

Have you got that sheet of paper in front of you, ready to make your annual list of New Year’s resolutions? I’ll bet you’ve got some good ones. Just like last year. And the year before.

Before you start writing, I’d like to take this opportunity to burst your bubble. It’s a hoax. All of it. The whole New Year’s resolution thing was something somebody made up ages ago so you could, for a few minutes on January 1st, feel good about yourself. Anyone with half a brain knows that nothing ever really comes of making those resolutions.

Unless . . .

. . . you have a plan.

Let’s say you’re a fiction writer and you want to get that novel finished in 2013. You can write the goal down on your resolution list, but unless you have a plan to make sure that happens, it will still be on your list at the end of the year. I know this. You need a regular writing schedule. A goal with the number of words you must compose.

Or maybe you want to lose weight or spend more time with your family or get a great new job. You’ve got them written down on your list and you’re smiling. But how will you take that weight off, or be with your family, or find that new job?

Along with every New Year’s resolution you identify, you have to have a plan. A good plan. One that is reasonable and will work for you. Writing down that plan is just as important as coming up with the resolution in the first place. Maybe more.

Then do a checkup on your plan once a month or so to keep yourself on track. Do some tweaking if you have to.

Above all, don’t fall for the New Year’s Resolution Hoax. The goals on your list don’t just happen. There is thought and prayer involved. Planning. And hard work.

At the end of 2013, you want to look at your list and smile in satisfaction.

Happy New Year!



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The Dream Thing

I’m hearing a lot about the whole dream thing lately. Not the kind you have when you’re asleep, but the kind that use your imagination. I’m talking about DREAMS. The ones that you think about. The ones that hold promise for the future. The ones that get you all excited and give you something to look forward to.

We all have them. Those great visions and goals of how we want life to be.

But what do we do with them?

Dreams don’t just come true all by themselves. They require stick-with-it-ness. They need the courage of the dreamer to pursue them and follow through.

The dream is only the beginning. Seeing your dream come to pass takes work. Hard work. Brain-numbing, blister-causing, muscle-aching work. You have to go get it.

You can wait for your dream to fall into your lap. You can sit there in your Lazy Boy, smiling and rocking, hoping today will be the day that your dream comes true. Have fun with that. Because more than likely, it ain’t gonna happen.

Get off your behind. Stop staying it’s impossible. Set some goals.

And then start walking.

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