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Friday Follies

Ordinarily, Fridays are awesome. They rock. And I was fully prepared to love this particular Friday. But somewhere along the way, somebody decided to make it a Friday of Follies and so . . .

I had an appointment with my hairdresser this morning. Perm and haircut. I know, I know, perms are out. But you don’t have my poker straight, absolutely no body, can’t-do-anything-with-it hair. So twice a year, I suffer the tedious perm process. Except today’s perm didn’t take like it was supposed to. Out of the hundred or so perms I’ve had in my lifetime, this has happened maybe – um – never! My hairdresser has offered to redo it for free, but I don’t have time to get in there before Christmas and it was for Christmas that I wanted this done. Great.

Then I found out that somebody deliberately plugged the toilet in the men’s bathroom at the coffee shop. With a big clump of dirt and grass and whatnot. The plunger looked at us in terror when we tried to use it to clear up the problem, so we got no cooperation there. But my trusty husband managed to get a plumber’s snake through the clog and we now have a working toilet again.

The next event was a little more serious. Our weekly delivery from the coffee company didn’t come in yesterday. I’m sure you can appreciate the seriousness of this situation, since we are a coffee shop, first and foremost. A call to the coffee company was kind of disturbing when they informed us we hadn’t faxed our order in. If that was the case, then how come we have a confirmation that the fax went through? A quick call to our coffee rep fixed the issue (she admitted they had messed up) and our delivery is on its way.

As at 3:10 pm in the afternoon, less than two hours until closing, sales in the bookstore total $5.49. That’s not a typo, folks. Don’t people know it’s less than three weeks until Christmas and we have the most amazing deals on books and bibles and CDs and stuff? Maybe I need to hire one of those guys who stands on the corner wearing a sandwich board sign to advertise my store. Or something.

The upside of this Friday is that I’ve had a pile of great ideas for The Bond of Seven. I am frantically documenting them all so when January hits, I can weave them into the story. I’m also in the middle of a pretty good and really sappy Christmas romance novel, which is totally the perfect thing to immerse myself in when everything around me is going wonky.

And I am surprisingly calm. Not stressed. Not anxious.

This is good.

After all, tomorrow is another day (tee-hee).

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