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I read this quote somewhere:  One of the greatest forms of pride is the fear of making a mistake.

Usually we don’t think of mistakes and pride in the same context, but if we add that little four-letter word fear, we’re on to something.

Come on, admit it. Everyone makes mistakes. I know I sure do. Lots of them. And some of those mistakes have been doozies. I’ve had to deal with a fair number of unpleasant consequences as a result of my miscalculations and defective decisions.

So you make these blunders over and over again – maybe not the same ones, but new and exciting boo-boos that add so much . . . um . . . spice to your life. You get discouraged to the point where you’re eventually afraid to do anything because you might make a mistake. I mean, what would people think if they saw you slip up? This is when it become a pride thing. You’re stuck. You are more concerned about  your image and how others see you than you are about how God sees you.

Let’s face the facts.

We will make mistakes. No one is perfect. No one does everything right, even though it might look that way. Leave that debilitating fear of failure – the fear of making mistakes – locked up and thrown away. It’s destructive and detrimental to growth in every area of life. Trust me on this.

Go ahead. Try something new.

And if you make a mistake, great!

Learn from it and move on.



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