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The Juggling Act

My life suddenly got very busy. And I am learning to juggle a few more balls.

For the most part, it’s pretty good, but there are times when I want to claw at my hair and yell ARGH! Like pirates do. You know.

Yesterday was sort of one of those days. I was working at part time job #1 while trying to deal with some issues at part time job #2. I worked it out on my lunch hour, so all you time clock watchdogs can relax. I had some downtime in the afternoon during which my boss at part time job #1 said he was fine with it if I wanted to read a book or write a book or whatever. I had my manuscript-in-progress with me (I hardly ever go anywhere without it), so I decided to do a bit of editing. But the phone kept ringing and fax machine kept spitting out work from Missouri and I finally gave up. After all, I’m getting paid to work, right? Not to write a book. Yet.

I got home, answered a couple of emails from my boss at part time job #2, ate some watermelon (because I didn’t have the energy to cook and beloved husband is out of town anyway), and promptly dozed off on the couch with Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on TV in the background, if you can believe it. No one sleeps through that show. When I woke up twenty minutes later, Guy Fieri had disappeared so I got busy with the household duties which I strongly dislike, the bill-paying duties which I moderately dislike, talked to my Mom on the phone which I really like, and watched a live feed sermon on the internet which was pretty good.

End result: no writing done. That, my friends, is absolute frustration.

I’ve concluded that this will take some time.  I’m in the adjustment phase of becoming accustomed to a new normal. Whatever that is. I don’t think my life has been normal a long time now. And maybe it wasn’t even normal before that. I guess the question begs to be asked: have I ever been normal at all? Mom, you don’t have to answer that.

Today will be better because I’m leaving it in God’s hands. If I drop any of those balls, He will be right there to pick them up.

Is there any other way?


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The Sedentary Life . . . or Not

This is a picture of my office chair. The one I sit in when I am writing. Or playing Words With Friends on Facebook. Please note that it is empty – far too empty for far too long and way too often.

At least that’s been the case since I started working at the coffee shop.

Things have suddenly become very busy. My relatively sedentary and mostly solitary way of life these past eight or nine months has burst forth into the kind of hectic schedule I used to consider normal. But because I know that I am far more productive, creative, and motivated when I am busy, this is good. I think.

Work, writing, family. I need to find a new rhythm.

And I will.

But in the meantime, if my blog posts read like some kind of kooky drivel, please bear with me. And I would appreciate it if you would not emulate the woman who came into the shop asking if we made grilled cheese sandwiches and then proceeded to grump and complain when we said no.

You are welcome to ask, but we will say no to you, too.


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