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The Book Cover

My daughter is finishing her last term before graduating as a real live graphic designer. One of her final projects is to design book covers for a trilogy that could be sold as a boxed set. She immediately pounced on the idea of doing covers for my as-yet-unfinished young adult series called The Bond of Seven. I hadn’t thought of titles or covers or anything like that, but Daughter was way ahead of me.

The picture you see above is the graphic she has designed (you can click on it for a larger view) for Book One in the series: The Bond of Seven – Isle of the Eye. When I saw this, the story immediately came to life for me. It’s nothing like I had imagined, but oh so very much better! The pic is now the wallpaper on my computer. Can’t you just see the evil Queen Meytris up there in her fortress built inside that mountain, her seeing eye not missing anything?

Daughter is working on the other two cover graphics for The Bond of Seven – Battle for the Bleak and The Bond of Seven – Return to Ravenbray. Then she has to actually get all three covers printed as book jackets and put them on real hardcover books.

You might say that it is kind of putting the cart before the horse to have book covers all ready to go before the books are even finished, but something has quickened in my spirit concerning this. It’s called faith, folks. I can see the finished product. I know it will come to pass. And I am inspired, motivated, and determined to do this. I have a vision for what is to be. That is pretty cool.

What more can I say?

I’d better get writing.


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