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Beautiful Blogger Award!

My fellow BC blogger has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award and she made my day. Thank you, Lea! Lea at Sea has a wonderfully creative and whimsical blog that you really do need to check out.

The rules are: Share 7 things about yourself and nominate 7 bloggers (also let them know about the nomination).

Here are my nominations:

Living with the Birds

Little Miss Virgin

Family Metamorphosis

Thoughts on Theatre

A Voice Yet to be Heard

Emma’s Blob

Mennonite Girls Can Cook

And the 7 things about me:

1. I eat ice cubes. Only certain kinds.

2. I just got my hair permed. And I like it.

3. I don’t like cooking. Except sometimes I do.

4. I have 5 computers that I use on a regular basis.

5. I don’t speed while driving anymore. At least not very much.

6. I have seven grandchildren. Only one is a girl.

7. I’ve been married for almost 37 years. Happily married for almost 37 of them.



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