The Lord is My Shepherd

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“The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack.” Psalm 23:1 (HCSB)

I am drawn to this verse in Psalm over and over, particularly as it is written in this translation.

As our Shepherd, God is leading us, taking care of us, protecting us. And when we wander off, He goes searching to find us so that we can be a part of the flock again. He makes sure that His sheep lack nothing. Nothing. 

Now before you get all in a huff about being compared to sheep, let’s understand that the focus here is the Shepherd. He is the one who is handling things. He is the one who is providing. In that provision, there is everything that would be a proper object of need or desire (don’t miss the word proper), whether that is physical or spiritual, pertaining to the body or the soul, or having reference to the present or to eternity. All of our real lack is supplied.

How completely amazing is that?

On a personal level, it means that when I am allowing God to lead me, taking care of me, and protect me – not wandering off to do my own thing – He is making sure there is absolutely nothing important that I lack. I have everything I need in Him.

Sometimes I need Him to use the hook on that shepherd’s staff of His to catch me and pull me gently back into the place where I’m supposed to be. Close to Him. And that is always, always, the best place.

When the Lord is your Shepherd, there is really nothing you lack.

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