Breathe Life


Every now and then someone crosses your path to inspire you. To encourage you. To breathe life into your dreams.

I had such an encounter today, and I firmly believe that it was God-ordained. My heavenly Father knew what I needed and He spoke to me through someone completely unexpected, and in a setting I would never have thought conducive.

The thing is, my conversation with this amazing person had absolutely nothing to do with the discussions – okay, arguments – I’ve been having with myself. We didn’t talk about any personal struggles or bucket lists or plans for the future. But . . . and this is what I love so much about God . . . a breath of life began to wind its way through the recesses of my rather cluttered and untidy brain. Foggy ideas are becoming clear. Long-forgotten plans are clamouring for attention. Dust bunnies are disappearing.

How awesome is that? How awesome is our God!

So, dear friend, if you read this, I want you to know how much I appreciate you. The intent of our meeting today was nothing more than to reconnect, but the Lord had other plans that neither of us knew about. Thank you for being a conduit for the download He had waiting for me. And I know your return blessing will be more than you ever imagined.

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