21 signs that every day is National Book Lovers Day for you

My daughter sent this link to me today : 21 signs that every day is National Book Lovers Day for you

Today is the happiest day of the year, and we don’t mean Christmas. It’s National Book Lovers Day, and that means today is our own very special almost-holiday. Yeah, we’ll admit it. We love to read, and we’re guessing more than a few of you are in the same boat. A good book can take you to places you’ve never been before. It can make you laugh or cry in public and nobody around you will know why. Because they weren’t there. They didn’t know Boromir like you did; they only saw the movie. People say you read too much, but you just shrug it off. You know it’s impossible to love books too much. — By Nick Mangione

Still of library from ‘Beauty & the Beast’ – yearnisk via Tumblr

Plans for your future home always include this library.

Reading in the bathtub - © crash-from-space via Reddit

You’re kicking yourself for not coming up with this idea first.

Drying books - © thefuturistics via Flickr

Because you’ve spent too many days doing this.

‘Hahaha’ & ‘No’ cat - sam-scarlet via Tumblr

This is your response whenever someone asks to borrow a book.

Man gestures to his eyes - media via Tumblr

And when they finally wear you down, you’re like …

Woman under a desk with a bottle of wine - somedaygirl via tumblr

And as soon as it’s gone, you want to read it again.

Burgess Meredith in the ‘Time Enough at Last’ Twilight Zone episode – mannyblacque via Tumblr

This was the most heartbreaking moment in television history. (Even though you’d already read the original story.)

Dress made from a book - © paperbagboris via Reddit

You adore this dress made out of pages.

Animation of ‘Don’t you like books?’ - gemini-dragon-gifs via Tumblr

You don’t understand people who’d rather watch TV.

‘Book it!’ pizza- © profnutbutter via Reddit

You did this every year, and enjoyed the books more than the pizza.

Woman removes books from a shelf - gemini-dragon-gifs media via Tumblr

This is how you pack for vacations.

E-book reader (© Eric Audras/Getty Images)

You have one of these …

Bookshelves - © Koocheekoo via Flickr

But your bookshelf still looks like this.

Mara Wilson in ‘Matilda’ - losing-all-my-nuts-and-bolts via Tumblr

You were convinced “Matilda” was actually about you.

Alexis Bedel in ‘Gilmore Girls’- tookieclothespins via Tumblr

You know nothing smells as good as an old book.

Two copies of ‘Harry Potter’ - theyseemefangirlintheyhatin via Tumblr

You always buy two copies: One to read, and one to display.

Open book with text overlay – introverteddork via Tumblr.

When your friends talk about movies they want to see, you’re like…

Two burgers - oldwomanandthecrazy via Tumblr

And the book is always better.

Boy reading Manga in the rain - © JanneM via Flickr

Nothing can stop you from reading just one more page.

Still from the ‘Harry Potter’ film series - yabookfanatic via Tumblr

There’s no better or worse feeling than finishing a book.

Woman reads while books accumulate - readmeyourwrites via Tumblr

But you can’t wait to start the next one.


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