Moving Right Along

Well, we stalled long enough and finally got our house ready for the market. The paperwork was signed on the weekend. We have our first showing today.

We have been talking about doing this for the past seven or eight months, but it seemed like one thing after another got in the way of any action on our part. Stuff like reopening my bookstore for the Christmas season. The closing of the coffee shop that I managed. Our kids moving. My mother moving. After all of the packing and unpacking of boxes we dealt with for those events, we just didn’t feel like dealing with any more right away.

So we piddled around for a while and then gave ourselves a rather aggressive deadline by calling our Realtors and telling them we’d be ready in a week. Them being my sister and brother-in-law. Talk about incentive to get ‘er done! It was a wild week. There was purging, packing, cleaning, and lots of aching muscles at the end of the day, but we finished. And now I’ve decreed that no one shall so much as breathe in this house until there is a sold sign on the front lawn.

What next?

We’re leaving the big city at last and moving an hour’s drive away to a much smaller community where life takes a little bit slower pace. We’ll still be close to family, which is good, and to “civilization”, which is also good, and close to our church, which is very good.

Bring it on!

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