Distracted Christians

It’s Monday. The day after Sunday. Which was the day Christians everywhere vowed with one hundred percent sincerity like they do every Sunday, that this week would be different. That Jesus would be front and centre 24/7. That they would read their Bibles and pray. That they would not be distracted by life.

How long do you think that vow lasted?

For most, it was already out of their minds by the time they reached the church foyer after the service. Some may have gone home remembering their mental commitment. Until they woke up this morning and rushed off into the week. The odd one – very odd – actually took the time to sit down and do what they promised themselves they would do. To spend time with God.

The majority of us allow ourselves to be trapped by distractions. So much so that by the time next Sunday comes along, we face the cold realization that we haven’t even opened our Bibles since last Sunday’s service.

There are a million excuses, and I’ve used a good many of them myself. But the bottom line is this: the devil, the enemy of our souls, will do anything – ANYTHING – to distract us from walking closer with Jesus. We’re no threat to Satan as long as we put the latest episode of Hawaii Five-O ahead of prayer time. Same with the messy house you noticed the moment you decide to open your Bible. Or that phone call you just remembered you just have to make. Or the quick peek at your latest Facebook notification? Not that there is anything wrong with these things but recognize them for what they are at that moment.


Then you can deal with them. Make a decision. Say no. Put your Jesus time first.

He makes the difference.

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