What’s Your Motive?

What’s your motive? I ask myself that question all the time.

I don’t want to be the kind of person whose thoughts, words and actions are based on selfish motives, although I’m sure they often are. I’m human, after all, and human nature is to look out for number one. But that’s no excuse. And it’s completely contradictory to the way God designed life to be.

God knows what is right, what is best, and what will work. The sooner we accept that He really is the final authority and begin to structure our lives after His laws and principles, the better off we’ll be. Life is not meant to be difficult. We just make it difficult when our motives are off track.

Motive means the reason or motivation for how and why we do things. Some lie, cheat and manipulate in order to get a deal, and then call it being smart or shrewd. Not very smart. And not very shrewd, since it usually leads to moral decay. Webster’s dictionary says shrewd is “worldly wise, clever or near to the truth.” Near to the truth? Manipulating the truth or being clever or shrewd will eventually destroy us.

A quality life happens when our motives are right and we follow good principles, taking responsibility for who and what we are. Honesty and pure motivation result in openness and freedom, with no hidden agendas.

Check your motives. Be honest with yourself. And look for truth, realizing that God is your best resource and advisor. 



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