The World of Spam

My mom used to put Spam sandwiches in our school lunch boxes. I actually didn’t mind it. Sliced up on fresh bread with a little mustard and mayo and lettuce – yum – pretty tasty. And, no, I don’t come from Hawaii where, for some odd reason, Spam is an island favorite. My Spam days eventually came to an end and I really didn’t give the stuff much though after that.

Until now.

Just to put your mind at ease, I have not started serving up Spam again. Nope. Ain’t gonna happen.

I’m talking about electronic spam. The kind that fills up my inbox every single day despite the most powerful real time anti-spam software money can buy. Well, maybe not the most powerful, but it’s pretty good. I’ve managed to filter most of the nasty stuff into my Outlook junk mailbox, however, the smartphone guys haven’t found a way to stop it from showing up on mobile devices. No amount of mustard and mayo makes that acceptable.

You know that tiny print way down at the bottom of those spam emails that says Unsubscribe? Unless the email came from a trusted source, DO NOT click on that word. Seriously. If you do, it’s like you’ve just dished out your email address to a million spammers who will gladly started sending you their offers to thicken your hair or sell you viagra. Or worse.

The invasion of privacy, so to speak, spills over to your telephone. I’m not sure if telemarketers can actually be classified as spammers, but for the sake of this blog post I will include them. We are considering cancelling our home phone because of the number of daily calls we receive from toll free and unknown numbers. The telemarketing business is getting smarter, though, because we’ve noticed that many of these calls are now showing up with local area codes. Pretty tricksy, trying to make us think the call is coming from someone we might know. We have a rule. If we don’t recognize the number, we don’t answer the phone. So it rings. A lot. And have you noticed that they never leave a message?

I don’t know what the solution is to all of this.

I just had to vent.

Go try a Spam sandwich.

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