What Do You Want?

Yesterday, our pastor delivered a great message that ended with this question: What do you want?

At first I thought it was an irrelevant question for me because, of course, I know what I want. Right?


In the span of the following three minutes, I realized that although I thought I knew what I wanted, I couldn’t articulate it. Couldn’t put into words what was in my heart. And then I started asking myself if what I wanted was really what I wanted. I had to establish some parameters and there was some serious thinking going on there for a bit. I forced myself to zero in on exactly what I wanted.

The spiritual aspect of this question is profoundly simple. We don’t receive the answers we want because we don’t pray specifically enough about what we want. And sometimes our prayers are so vague that there is no way of knowing whether God has answered them or not.

It’s true.

So . . . what do you want?

Think about it. And then pray.


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3 responses to “What Do You Want?

  1. Created ~ Create.it

    Wow, this is great. I can relate a great deal with every word. Thank you for sharing. I will begin to be specific in my prayers 🙂

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