My Week So Far

I have a good life. Actually, I have a great life. But it’s a busy one and sometimes it’s a challenge to fit everything in – even when I really want to fit everything in.

It’s only Wednesday, but my week so far looks like this:

1. An unexpected snow day. Cold. Icy roads. Change plans accordingly.

2. Deal with upcoming coffee shop closing activities without actually being physically present in the coffee shop. On the phone. Texts. On the phone again.

3. Four hours to write 1200 words. On a new story. So I don’t forget.

4. Fight with cable/internet/phone company regarding Mom’s move at the end of the month. Still not resolved. Contemplating sister-in-law’s offer to have brother-in-law (who works for said company) to step in and pull some strings.

5. One hour drive to babysit youngest grandchild who was the picture of cutest baby and best behavior ever! Except for the poopy diaper. 😦

6. Lunch with pastor’s wife. So much conversation crammed into two hours. 🙂

7. Be home for two other grandsons’ after school arrival. Cuddle with the big one, who wasn’t up to snuff on Monday.

8. One hour drive to attend church leadership meeting. Good stuff. Chocolates even.

9. Waiting for two younger grandsons to arrive. A morning of cars and blocks and treats. Always the treats.

10. More coffee shop work this afternoon. Five days until closing.

So . . .

I don’t know exactly what the rest of the week entails, but it should be interesting.


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