The New Toy

I got a new toy.

I waited for the Boxing Week sale at Best Buy, certain I would be able to get a deal on that lovely Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. And I did. (Insert smile.)

I know there are those of you out there who are shaking your heads in dismay, wondering why in the world I would choose this particular tablet over the iPad. Simple. The Samsung met my requirements.

1. Large screen size.

2. Lightweight.

3. The S-Pen, or stylus if you aren’t familiar with the terms.

4. MS Office compatible.

5. SD card slot.

6. Long battery life.

7. Stellar reviews.

8. The right price.

9. I’m not a fan of Apple products.

While this blog post wasn’t meant to be a review of the Galaxy Note, I guess it sort of is. Bottom line: I LOVE IT! No, I didn’t need it, but is there anyone who really needs a tablet?

Okay, okay, now you know. I’m an electronics junkie. There is just something about a new device that takes my breath away. In fact, I’m pretty sure I heard a few bars of the Hallelujah Chorus in the background the first time I cracked open the box my tablet came in.

So will this make me more efficient? Better informed? A happier person? Fill me with unsurpassed joy and delight? No, probably not.

But I’m sure having fun.


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2 responses to “The New Toy

  1. Chris Jordan

    I got an iPad for my 40th birthday in July (money from many different friends and family members who pooled their resources and blessed me with it!), and I quite enjoy it, but in my opinion, I don’t see any difference between this or any other tablet. I know a lot of Apple fans who are snobbish and think Apple is superior to anything else, but in my opinion, you find something that works for you, and have fun using it! Enjoy your Samsung… 🙂

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