Bookstore Conversations

Time for another episode of “Bookstore Conversations”. They just keep coming, folks, and there seems to be a never-ending supply of great material for me to blog about when it comes to the people who shop in my store.

Customer #1: Your sign says Cash Only, but you take MasterCard, right? Me: No. Cash only. Like paper money or coins. Customer #1: Not even debit cards?

Customer #2: I know it says All Sales Final on the receipt, but when I bought this book last week I thought I would like it. I read half of it and it’s not very good, so I want a refund. Me: Sorry, all sales are final. Customer #2: But I don’t want this book. Me: Sorry. Next please?

Customer #3: Oh, this is a Christian store. Me: Yes it is. Customer #3: Why? Me: Um . . .

Customer #4: Where are your VeggieTales DVDs? Me: We are all sold out of VeggieTales. Customer #4: Why? Me: Um . . . (By now I am starting to feel like I am dealing with three-year-olds and their constant need to know why.)

Customer #5: How much is this figurine? Me: The price tag is on the bottom. Customer #5: What about this one? Me: The price tag is on the bottom. Customer #5: And how much are these Bibles? Me: The price tag is on the bottom.

Then there are the parents who bring their children into the store. They are always the families with children who must touch everything they can in the shortest amount of time possible. Why is it that they go for the breakables first? Last week I finally told one mother that if her children broke anything I would be expecting her to pay for it. She gave me a dirty look, took her kids and left. I breathed a sigh of relief.

How about the customers who come in five minutes before closing time and even though they tell you they know it’s five minutes before closing time, they stay for half an hour. And they don’t buy anything.

For the record, just in case my customers are reading this, I don’t have any Bibles in Japanese, Spanish or German. I do have one in Arabic, I think, and maybe Korean. I don’t carry World of Warcraft, USB cables, or cell phone accessories. Yes, everything in the store really is 50% off. No, I am not staying open after Christmas. No, my store did not go bankrupt. And thank you to everyone who keeps telling me how nice it is to have a Christian store in the neighborhood. I would thank you even more if you would stop talking and actually buy something!

I love doing what I do. I will love it even more when I am not doing it anymore.





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6 responses to “Bookstore Conversations

  1. Rebecca

    Bahahahhahahaha!! That was so funny!! Nuff said….still laughing….coming on Christmas day to buy something….giggle, giggle,

  2. Ah, yes, the cash only sign. I had that once where all of our debit machines were down. Customer: “So…if your debit machines are down, I can get this for free, right?” It is amazing, really. 😛

  3. Ahhh sounds like my bookstore! At least your getting out soon. I have a ways to go. 😦

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