The Passage of Time

The passage of time marks milestones and I’ve been thinking of a few of mine. This month it’s been:

– 37 years and 11 months since our first date. We got married the next year.

– 102 years since my grandmother was born. She went home to heaven in April 2012.

– 35 years since I wore my first maternity clothes.

– 23 years since we drove from Regina, SK to Kitimat, BC for a job interview and didn’t get the job.

– 11 years since our first grandchild was born.

– 25 years since my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding. I remember that day so clearly.

– 44 years since I changed schools to attend Simon Fraser Junior High in Calgary, Alberta.

– 30 years since we helped my parents move into the house with the green living room.

– 7 months since I became the manager of our corner coffee shop.

– 52 years since I learned to read. Approximately.

– 28 years since I threw up in the bushes between classes at university. Morning sickness.

– 4 years and 4 months since I “retired” from my banking career. No regrets. Not even one.

This little list has made it clear how important it is to live every minute – to make my passage of time count.

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