What Writers Do

This limited edition Moleskine notebook arrived in our local Chapters store a year or two ago. Even though I thought it was a brilliantly done cover, I guess it didn’t appeal to the masses, so it went on sale – a really, really good sale. And since regular-priced Moleskines are not cheap, I bought a few. Well, maybe more than a few. Don’t tell my husband.

I cracked this new one today. Got my bookstore ready for business, settled in with my diet Coke, tore off the plastic wrapper and opened the book.

A blank page.

This is what writers do. We stare at blank pages. Or computer screens. Waiting for inspiration. And when we finally push past the procrastination to actually write something, we sigh with great relief and satisfaction.

Just for the record, I am not one of those writers who has the ability to write and write and write for hours on end and produce a truly spectacular epic in less than three weeks. I know writers who can do that and they are amazing. Me? I tend to labor over every sentence and paragraph. I keep a thesaurus handy so I can find exactly the right word. I replay conversations in my head before I write so that my dialogue sounds natural and believable.

It’s not a glamorous life.

Sometimes it’s not even fun.

But it’s what we do. And to do anything else isn’t even an option.

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