The Log Cabin Dream

For as long as I can remember, one of my dreams has been to live in a log cabin in the woods somewhere. Not too far from civilization, mind you, but far enough to have peace and quiet. There are members of my family who laugh about this dream of mine. And I chuckle along with the secret knowing that they don’t have any clue at all about what really goes on inside my head.

There are few with whom I share my most Cherished Dreams. Very few. First of all, it’s nobody’s business except mine and God’s. Second of all, I don’t need to hear people making jokes or discouraging me about what I hold close to my heart. And third of all, I am careful to guard the dreams others share with me because I know how it feels to have them shattered by careless words.

There is enough doubt and fear in the world to chip away at your confidence without having someone else steal the dream God placed in your heart. Thoughtlessly spoken words can bump you so far off your expected path that you begin to question the validity of that dream. You may even be tempted to give up hope completely. But if you yield to the pressure of those words to abandon your dream, you may well forfeit your unique destiny. And you will rob yourself of the fulfillment that only your destiny can bring.

Every God-given dream has a significant purpose. That’s why the enemy shows up early and repeatedly to shift your focus. His goal is to overwhelm and intimidate you until you’re either immobilized and stuck or moving in a direction that’s ineffective. He will challenge your call, cause you to doubt your dream and question your capacity to deliver on the vision that consumes you — until eventually the fire in your heart flickers and fades away.

No matter how long it takes; no matter how many times you have to tell the devil to take a hike; no matter how many friends call you a nut and forsake you; no matter how it hurts when your family comes against your dream with their love for you—hold fast to the vision God has placed in your heart!

Hebrews 10:23 tells us to keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. We are encouraged to hold fast to what God has spoken to us, not what our family or friends say.

Now go build that log cabin.


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2 responses to “The Log Cabin Dream

  1. What a beautiful post about dreams. SO helpful and inspiring. I have had to hold on to my dreams so tightly, now this post explains why.

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