So Thankful

With the Thanksgiving weekend upon us (if you’re in Canada, that is), I thought I would make a thankful list. Not that I’m unthankful the rest of the year. Just thinking about thanking on this thankful Thanksgiving.  Too bad I didn’t do this yesterday. Then I could have added Thursday into the mix. Okay, I’ll stop with that now.

So here’s a list that is definitely not all-inclusive, but it’s what comes to mind at the moment. I am thankful for, in no particular order:

1. A floor heater under my desk to keep my toes warm.

2. A nine-year-old car that runs really well even though it has 250,000 kms on it. Maybe more. I haven’t checked lately.

3. Kids that know how to cook and like doing it because I don’t so much.

4. A great friend in New York. State, not city.

5. The ladies in my church who like laughing and having fun together.

6. The man who told me he loved me almost 38 years ago – and every day since then.

7. My cousins in Manitoba, Kansas, Alberta, Costa Rica, and Saskatchewan who keep in touch sometimes. Love you guys!

8. The Real Canadian Mocha at the coffee shop where I work. Because it has bacon bits in it. And not the fake ones.

9. My grandson throwing himself at me when I come into the room. And then digging through my purse to see if I have treats for him.

10. Red Robin’s freckled lemonade.

11. Reba reruns. Gotta love Van and Cheyenne. And Barbara Jean.

12. My Blackberry. I’m a die-hard.

13. The ten versions of the Bible on my desk. Maybe twelve.

14. The 20+ blank Moleskine journals in my stash. Various sizes and covers. Told you I was an addict.

15. My Mom. She’s pretty and smart and such a techy geek.

16. Sunshine. The monsoon season hasn’t started yet and for that, I am very thankful.

17. My sons and daughters and grandchildren, who are my heart.

18. The 6,000 books in my house. No, I’m not kidding.

19. A brain that mostly functions with a fair bit of reliance. My children would beg to differ.

20. God is still God. Has always been and always will be. So thankful He never changes.

Well, twenty items makes a pretty good list, I think, so I’ll quit now.

I’m just so thankful!

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