Let’s Bash the Prime Minister

Stephen Harper Worst Prime Minister in 40 Years

This was the headline I read first thing this morning. And I got mad. You know – the kind of mad that rates the “righteous anger” category.

This isn’t intended to be a political blog post as much as it is a rant about the way media spins a story. In this particular news article, 26% of 1500 people surveyed stated that they thought Stephen Harper was the worst Prime Minister Canada has had in 40 years. So 390 individuals don’t like Mr. Harper. Hardly a good indication of how the other 35,000,000 citizens of this country feel.

The folks down at media headquarters decided it was time to start a fire, so they came up with a headline that isn’t exactly a lie, but it ain’t the whole truth either. And people being people, most won’t even read the article. You think the media doesn’t know this?

All I wanted to say was that I believe this “news” article gave a false view of Mr. Harper’s administration. A Prime Minister’s job is difficult enough without having to deal with junk like this showing up in the media.

We want the truth in the news. Not  Prime Minister bashing.

And for the record, thank you Mr. Harper, for a job well done.



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  1. I saw this article, too, and felt the same way!

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