Words and More Words

I read somewhere that the average literate adult in North America sees 350,000 – 500,000 words every day. Those seems like astronomically high numbers when compared to my daily writing goal of one thousand words.

I have to chuckle when people ask me why I would choose to be a writer in a world where the written word seems to be going the way of extinction. Really? Take a trip over to any Chapters store on a Friday night and tell me no one buys books anymore. Go to a writer’s conference and talk to authors who have broken records in book sales. In my opinion, it’s another one of those media ploys to steer the masses into believing something that isn’t so. It happens all the time.

Granted, the way we read is changing. I admit that I own an eReader that is currently loaded with around 600 books, and I use it all the time. I read the news online, follow a dozen or so blogs, and gather information digitally.

But there is something about holding a real book in your hands. Smell the paper and the ink. Turn the pages.

See the words.



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