Coffee Shop Musings

I usually do my coffee shop paperwork at a table in the corner where I can observe all the goings on during my time there. Interesting, the things you hear.

Customer #1: Do you have grilled cheese sandwiches?

Barista: No, I’m sorry, we don’t.

Customer #1: Can you make a grilled cheese sandwich?

Barista: All of our sandwiches are pre-made.

Customer #1: You didn’t answer my question.

Barista: Sorry, no, I can’t make you a grilled cheese sandwich.

Customer #1: Can’t or won’t?

Barista: Can’t.

Customer #1: Okay, I’ll have an apple turnover and a vanilla latte then.


Customer #2: Can I get change for the bus?

Barista: Sure.

Customer #2: Can I use your phone?

Barista: Sure.

Customer #2: Can I get a small coffee and I’ll pay you next time I come in?

Barista: I’m sorry, we can’t do that.

Customer #2: Wow, you guys aren’t very accommodating here.


Me: (to a group of a dozen or so high school kids who had been occupying several tables for half an hour. Not one had purchased anything.) Hey guys. Are any of you planning on buying a coffee or anything?

Group: (complete silence – they just stared at me)

Me: Because the tables in here are for the use of paying customers.

Group: (still silent)

Me: Okay then. (I turned and walked away, but every single one of them came up to the counter and bought something. Weird.)


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4 responses to “Coffee Shop Musings

  1. Anonymous

    The things you see and here at a coffee shop lol

  2. Ah yes! I have had my fair share of strange customers when I worked at Starbucks. 😛 Never a dull day.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Wendy. As usual, you gave me a good laugh.

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