Do Something – Part 2

If you didn’t read Part 1, click here.

This is the first page of my DO SOMETHING book. Remember yesterday? I told you I was going to start a brand new notebook and begin writing down my dreams. I did that. And I will continue doing that.

The cool thing is that my Mom is also doing it. She needed a little help getting started, but with some artistic assistance from my daughter and some pointed questions from me, Mom’s notebook is going to be filled with a lot of life-changing stuff. Right, Mom?

Now for the next step in the DO SOMETHING initiative.

You thought you were done, didn’t you? No way. After you have some dreams staring back at you from the pages of your journal, the real thinking process begins. Take a look at what you’ve written. Consider the things you need to do to make those dreams come to pass. Write them down. Consider the obstacles that are preventing you from fulfilling those dreams. Write them down. Consider the fears and inhibitions that might hold you back. Write them down.

Are the barriers to seeing your dreams come true looming in front of you like a bunch of giants with huge swords? I know the type. Nasty to deal with and nearly impossible to penetrate. But in reality, the majority of those giants are really wimps in disguise. They can be slain with just a little bit of effort.

Maybe you need a little more training or education for the job you really want. So find a way to get it. Maybe you’d like to have better relationships with your family and friends. So turn off your TV or computer or smart phone and have a real face to face conversation with someone. Maybe you want to publish a book. So sit in your chair and write it. (Ouch.) Maybe you want a deeper spiritual walk. So get into the Word and spend time with God.

You actually have to DO SOMETHING. Imagine that.

I’ll tell  you right now that nothing is going to change in your life while you are resting your rear end on that comfy sofa waiting for a miracle to drop into your lap. That’s not how it works. You’re going to have to think about it, pray about it, plan about it, and then DO SOMETHING to make it happen.

And while you’re at it, drop the stinky attitude. Shut down the pity party.

It’s time for a turning point. Look ahead. Hold your head up. Smile. A lot. Your dreams are important. They are worth fighting for. Don’t ever, EVER give up.

Because Jesus never gives up on you.

Click here for Part 3.


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