The Dislike of Cats

With all due respect to all of you cat lovers out there . . . blech!

I think the little critters are cute – well, most of them, anyway. They seem to be relatively well-behaved. And they are neat freaks. So what’s my problem, you ask?

I can’t exactly put a finger on it. I just don’t like cats.

And cat owners don’t get it. They assume everyone loves to have their furry friend walk along the back of the very sofa where you are sitting, sweeping its tail across your face in the process. Then the cat jumps down and winds itself through your legs, leaving a trail of long hairs and dander in its wake. Your throat begins to clog up. You’re certain a hair ball is forming. The owner scolds the creature, picks it up and plops it in your lap. Your eyes widen in horror. As far as you are concerned, there is no difference between this and a hand grenade.

I’m not sure why this particular topic came to mind today, because I haven’t been in close contact with any cats for a long time. Thank goodness.

If you love your kitty, that’s great. Just please, please remember that not everyone who comes into your house feels the same.

There. Now wasn’t that an inspiring post for this lovely Friday?

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