The Wednesdays

It’s Wednesday. I am supposed to have Wednesdays off, but I usually end up going in to work anyway. The why of that escapes me because Wednesdays are designated writing days. I balk at this. And there isn’t an excuse under the sun I haven’t already thought of to get out of writing on Wednesdays. Shame on me.

But I will leave you this tidbit from The Bond of Seven.

“This Book holds the key to your survival in Ravenbray,” he spoke quietly, as if he were trying to keep the walls from hearing his words. “Its instructions are clear and must be followed exactly. Do you understand?”

“But we can’t read it. We don’t know the language,” I pointed out.

Breckan’s face registered the smallest of smiles as he pulled the Book toward him. “Come,” he said. “Let’s read together.” He turned the page.

Now to get to work on Chapter Twelve.


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2 responses to “The Wednesdays

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I love your book title, and I love the setting, Ravenbray.

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