The Situation

The situation is difficult. Awkward. Uncomfortable. Overwhelming.

The situation is working for a new employer. It’s dealing with one or the other half of a broken relationship. It’s having to fire a really nice person from a job they just don’t have the attributes to perform with any degree of competence. It’s trying to make a decision about which of the 437 things on your to-do list are the most important.

The situation is hard. All of them.

I know this because I’ve been in the middle of every one of these and then some this week. So, I’ve considered some coping options.

1. I could run away from home like my Mom did once when us kids were little. Apparently she’d had enough of our shenanigans and she simply walked out, leaving us crying at the window. She came back after ten minutes or so, but she was gone long enough to encourage model behaviour in three small girls who occasionally liked to run wild. Well, maybe that was mostly me. My younger sisters were perfect.

2. I could go to Chapters and browse for an hour or two while inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of Starbucks coffee and new books. I even have some gift cards to spend. Chapters therapy is totally awesome. Trust me.

3. I could watch a football game with my dear husband. Now before all of you wonderfully supportive wives agree that this is exactly what I should do, I must clarify that I have zero knowledge of the sport. I don’t give a rip about first downs and field goals and quarterback sacks (these are terms I have picked up from being forced to listen to games in full blast surround sound). The only time I even pretend to be interested in football is when the Saskatchewan Roughriders are playing. Who wouldn’t?

4. I could go into my office, lock the door, and work on The Bond of Seven. Yup, I sure could.  But since there is only one minute left in my brain, I’m not sure how productive that venture would be. Besides, I’ve had a total of about nine hours sleep over the past two nights and I’ve been yawning since noon.

5. I could have a diet Coke in a nice tall glass with lots of ice. Great idea.

But as weird and lovely as the options are, I think I’m going to pull out a good book and settle in for an hour or two of pure enjoyment. And I’m not going to feel one bit guilty about ignoring my messy house, or the pile of laundry, or the paperwork that is calling me.

After all, tomorrow is another day. (It’s still a hokey line, Scarlett O’Hara.)

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  1. Anonymous

    Coping options are great, my list is shorter but I have some too:) Usually going to a coffee shop or for a bowl of “pho” all by lonesome is at the top of the list.

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