Think and Do


When I was in elementary school, we had workbooks to go along with our Dick and Jane readers. Those workbooks were called Think and Do. And I absolutely loved them. I didn’t know or care about it then, but the purpose of the workbook was to develop reading comprehension. To think about what I’d read and then do the corresponding exercises.

What we think, or what we know is of no consequence unless we do something with it.

Unless the artist sits in front of the canvas and paints, there can be no art. Unless the writer sits down and starts to type, there can be no book. Unless the musician plays their instrument, there can be no music.  Unless the sculptor begins to chip away at the marble, there can be no sculpture. Unless the explorer begins the journey, there can be no discovery.

It is the same with everything in life.

Unless one acts, nothing is created or discovered.

Think and do.


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2 responses to “Think and Do

  1. Well done, Wendy. Well done. I couldn’t agree more.
    Thanks for this inspirational post.

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