Bonding the Seven


These days it seems to be nothing but thinking and dreaming about The Bond of Seven. The draft is coming along, although never as quickly as I would like it to, and the story is taking shape far beyond what I could have ever hoped or imagined.

Thanks to my family.

Those of my children who have read the first 65 pages of the manuscript (which is still in very rough form, by the way) have become extremely helpful in brainstorming ideas for character development and storyline. They are suggesting facets to the plot that I absolutely love and I’ve spent today organizing those thoughts and finding places to insert them so they will make the most impact. How fun!

Then I found out that our four oldest grandchildren have been playing Bond of Seven, acting out the scenes, playing their own parts, and making up new ones. Isn’t that cool? But it seems that I am not writing fast enough to suit the current audience – namely Emily, from whose point of view this story is told. According to her way of thinking, I should be writing to keep up with her speed-reading. Oh the things you don’t know when you’re ten.

My brain is mostly traveling the roads of Ravenbray these days. The Seven, along with their companions, are on the adventure of their lives and I admit that I sometimes leave them in dangerous situations for several days while I figure out how to rescue them. I’m glad they’re patient with me. Most of the time.

Back to the latest predicament. The Quest has led our heroes into a cave where there is no exit.




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3 responses to “Bonding the Seven

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Your latest writing project sounds like fun. Have you posted any excerpts?

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