The Weekend

Here’s a rundown of my weekend – what I did, what I heard, what I saw. Be entertained. Or bored. Or roll  your eyes. It’s up to you.

1. Woke up at 6:23 on Saturday morning. There is something seriously wrong with that.

2. Got an email from Daughter #3 while on their vacation saying Grandson #5 bashed his head open and they had to glue him back together. A picture was attached. He’s okay.

3. Daughter #2 and I drove out to Chilliwack to attend a women’s brunch. One hour on the highway + side trip to avoid an accident + might as well fill up with gas while on the side trip + take the wrong exit in Chilliwack + find the restaurant and the women = three absolutely wonderful hours of laughter and visiting.

4. Only Son and Only Daughter-in-law and kids came over. Barbecued burgers, ate homemade guacamole, cuddled baby Grandson #6, read aloud to Only Granddaughter (her mother was listening pretty intently as well), watched Grandson #2 attempt to beat up his father, all created a perfect evening.

5. Got text message from Daughter #1 while on their vacation saying that Grandson #1 was bitten by a sheepdog. He’s bruised, but fine. This has not helped his caution with animals, however.

6. Woke up at 6:23 on Sunday morning. Now we know for sure there is something seriously wrong.

7. Husband, Daughter #2 and I drove out to Chilliwack once again for church, where Daughter #2 was asked to sing for worship at the last minute. The air-conditioning was fixed in the building (yay!) and my nose was cold by the end of the service (not so yay). Great sermon by Pastor #1 at Chilliwack Victory Church, by the way.

8. Husband, Daughter #2, and I decided to try the Chinese buffet restaurant we’d noted earlier. We thought it was pretty good until we were told later than no one eats there because it’s terrible. Then why was the place full?

9. Went home and had a nap. This was to make up for the two 6:23 am wake ups.

10. Spent the evening with friends. Sat outside. Ate food. Watched the fire. Contained in the fire pit, of course. Talked a lot. Listened a lot. Laughed a lot.

11. Came home smelling like a campfire.

Yeah, good times. Now I need a weekend to recover from the weekend!


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2 responses to “The Weekend

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Chilliwack? That sounds like somewhere in my part of the country (Pacific Northwest)?

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