Road Construction

If you live in the Vancouver or Fraser Valley area of British Columbia, I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it is to get around these days. It’s like every single road construction crew that exists on planet earth has congregated here to rip up all the streets in the entire Lower Mainland. There are orange pylons, flag people, detour signs, heavy machines, and barriers everywhere. I am SO not exaggerating. And all three routes into our subdivision are involved in this effort to keep us from getting to and from our home.

I could accept this plight if progress were being made. I could exercise so much more patience if I knew that the guys standing around with the shovel in one hand and a  Tim Horton’s cup in the other knew what they were doing. I could live with it if a project would actually be finished. But no. That is not to be.

Here’s my theory. They have no intention of completing anything. They don’t even know what they’re doing. When they get to a point in a project where they can’t figure out what happens next, they pack up all their stuff and move on to something else. Oh, but they leave the pylons and detour signs and barriers so it looks like they’re working on it. There are a large number of roadways around here that have been this way for more than SIX YEARS!

I am not kidding.

I wish I were.

And now they are supposedly putting in traffic lights half a block from our house. Two weeks ago, the crews came in, put up their signage, tore up the whole intersection, lined up their orange cones, and walked away. We haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since. Was it an oops, I think we got the wrong corner and we better get out of here before someone finds out kind of thing? Who knows. I am not hopeful that the posted August 17th completion date will happen.

So if you’re visiting this part of the country, we advise you not to depend on your GPS. Bring a tolerant attitude. And be prepared to wait.

And wait.

And wait.


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2 responses to “Road Construction

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    The road construction crew at Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State seems to subscribe to your theory.
    This made me smile. But I won’t be smiling tomorrow when I have to drive over Snoqualmie Pass.

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