Not Perfect

There is a misconception out there that Christians are supposed to be perfect. I have gained first-hand knowledge of this fallacy from a few friends and family who seemed to have nothing better to do than to wait for me to slip up and make a mistake. And when I do (because we all do), they are very quick to point their fingers and accuse, adding my fumbles to their arsenal against Christians in general.

Here’s the truth: God’s people are not perfect.

We have flaws. Cracks. Chips. We’ve been broken, stepped on, pushed around, hurt, slapped, and disappointed. Just like everybody else. We bear the very same scars. We are not immune to the world and we don’t have a magic wand to make all the bad go away. As our pastor said yesterday, being a Christian can be like trying to keep your balance while walking into the wind with debris flying at you from every direction. It’s hard. Really hard.

But . . .

We have forgiveness from sin through Jesus Christ. That doesn’t mean we don’t sin – it means that when we do, we have the privilege of coming to Jesus, owning up to the things we’ve done wrong, and receiving His complete and total forgiveness.

We have the Holy Spirit to give us directions to get through that windstorm – if we let Him.

And we have God’s promise of eternal life.



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