Being Politically Correct . . .?

I’m going to go out on a limb here for a little bit and state my opinion about the stupidity of being politically correct. Hey, I’m a total believer in respecting each other as individuals, regardless of race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. But in their attempt to  pay this respect and avoid offense, the powers that be are actually taking away our freedom. The sad part is that it begins very early in the education of our children.

I recently found this list of publisher’s instructions about what they cannot publish in elementary school textbooks. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the list, and the publisher was not named, but you’ll get the idea.

•          Women cannot be depicted as care givers or doing household chores.

•          Men cannot be lawyers or doctors or plumbers. They must be nurturing helpmates.

•          Old people cannot be feeble or dependent; they must jog or repair the roof.

•          A story that is set in the mountains discriminates against students from flatlands.

•          Children cannot be shown as disobedient or in conflict with adults.

•          Cake cannot appear in a story because it is not nutritious.

•          The word “jungle” must not be used. Use “rainforest” instead.

•          The expression “soul food” must never be used.

•          “Able bodied” must not be used. Use “person who is not disabled.”

•          “Abnormal” is banned because it is demeaning to people with disablilities.

•          Replace “Adam and Eve” with “Eve and Adam.”

•          “Birth defect” is banned. Replace with “people with congenital disabilities.”

•          “Cripple” is banned. Replaced with “person with a mobility impairment.”

•          “Fraternity” is banned as sexist. Replace with “community.”

•          “Hut” is banned. Replace with “small houses.”

•          “Illegal alien” is banned. Replace with “undocumented resident.”

•          “Lame” is banned. Replace with “walks with a cane.”

•          “Man, mankind, men” are banned. Replace with “humanity, people, personalities.”

•          “Manhunt” is banned. Replace with “hunt for a person.”

•          “Masterpiece” is banned. Replace with “work of art.”

•          “Master plan” is banned. Replace with “comprehensive plan.”

•          “Minority” is banned. Replace with “historically underrepresented group.”

•          “Needy” is banned. Replace with “individual in need.”

•          “Senior citizen” is banned as demeaning to older people.

•          Do not portray poverty.

•          Do not show women cooking.

•          Do not show a cow’s udder (sexual innuendo).

•          Do not show churches, bars, liquor stores, adult theaters in drawings or photos.

•          Do not show a rainbow. (Gay agenda)

•          No holidays or holiday decorations.

In my opinion, this is thinking in deficit. Take note of how careful and hesitant our speech has become. We are encouraged to be careful to make sure the words we use cannot possibly be construed to offend anyone. We might as well stop talking altogether.

Consequently, we are taught to think about what not to say, what words cannot be used, and what expressions should be avoided. We spend our time thinking of what we cannot say instead of thinking about what we should say. It has become safer and easier to talk about what things are not or not to talk at all. Our whole climate of thought is being changed by the stupidity of political correctness.

I will add here that it seems that the whole idea of being politically correct does not extend to the Christian community. We don’t want to offend women or homosexuals or seniors or the disabled or persons of other races or religions, but it’s a no-holds-barred situation when it comes to Christians. And don’t get me started on that one.

I’d like to have a little chat with whoever invented all of this in the first place.

Being politically correct means not thinking and not needing to think, because we are told what to think.

Being politically correct is unconsciousness.

I make no apologies.


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2 responses to “Being Politically Correct . . .?

  1. Wendy, while I clearly see your point on some of these–and I find them nonsensical to the extreme–others I actually agree with.
    If you think about it, the point about being politically correct–in realistic cases–is to eliminate stereotypes of, or judgements about, other people by using labels that may have been inaccurate or thoughtless from the beginning. Unfortunately, some of them stuck over time, we used them because we were lazy and failed to think of something more appropriate, and it might well be time to be more conscious of the language we use to put people in particular groups (and create erroneous images about them in the process).
    For example, handicapped has a negative connotation (as many labels do); physically challenged just feel better (particularly if I were someone who’s physically challenged). And mentally retarded has a negative connotation, while mentally challenged doesn’t. You get the idea.
    In general, I think this particular publisher’s rules went a little too far, but it doesn’t hurt to think about how we might not be fair to groups of people by using labels that were wrong then and are still wrong now.
    I’m just saying…

    • Rick, I totally agree with you on the many thoughtless labels that have developed over time. They are cruel and hurtful. The point of this blog was to bring attention to the extremes, which are becoming more and more prevalent without us even noticing.

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